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Revolutionary non invasive alternative
to liposuction…in Wrexham & Chester areas only.

    • Now you too can have that body that you always dreamed of.


  • Painless, with no operations and no needles required.



  • A great looking physique that you truly deserve.



  • In the comfort of your own home.



  • Wrexham & Chester areas only


    • Procedure can be carried out on both men & women.


  • Easynonlipo offers a simple, safe and pain free way of getting your body into shape. Just like liposuction,
    but without the operation. And without the high cost.



  • The painless technique produces immediate results that can be seen from the first session.



  • The procedure eliminates cellulite, fatty build up, and orange peel syndrome in an effective and safe way.



  • Each session can be programmed very intuitively with session times lasting no longer than 20 minutes.
    Initial session is 30 minutes.



  • Easynonlipo reccomend that you undertake at least 3 sessions.



  • The procedure can be carried out on the tummy, abs, love handles, buttox, upper arms, chest (male), upper legs, & thighs.



  • Cavitation is a NON invasive slimming technique. i.e. without surgery or any other procedure that requires
    a medical operation or injections.



  • Cavitation is a technique that allows fat & cellulite to be broken down & removed selectively, safely and
    non invasively.



  • Cavitation is effective and safe.<a href="http://www.easynonlipo.co.uk/index.html" alt="Go to website"www.easynonlipo.co.uk


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